My trip to Mt. Banahaw was an unexpected one because my mom just asked me if I wanted to go with her and I knew this was one of those moments that you don’t ignore. We travelled during the night and we even got lost on the way to Mt. Banahaw. We slept in a small “bahay kubo”. If you plan to visit this place with your family you should bring a tent and other necessities for your needs. You also have to bring your own food and water because it will be hard for you to buy those once you arrive there. It may seem like it’s troublesome and not worth the effort to go there but it wasn’t because all your efforts is a sacrifice for your belief and faith. It was truly an experience that will save you from your fears and will give you a lesson.


There was a saying that I heard from the people there but I don’t know if it’s true but I chose to believe it. They said that if you had a hard and tiring time walking in Mt. Banahaw then it means that you have sinned and that you are suffering for them. The people there said to be careful when you walk there and always look at the person in front of you so you won’t get lost. It was really refreshing to be there because of the breeze and the cloudy skies. There was actually a lot of people during my visit in Mt. Banahaw but somehow I enjoyed it more because they looked devoted to what they were doing.

I had to visit various station to make a wish and be blessed by the flowing water of Mt. Banahaw. You can watch our video to see how they did it 🙂 Visiting Mt. Banahaw was truly an experience I will never forget. I felt more closer to my faith and more closer to nature when I was there and if you get a chance to spend your Holy Week in Mt. Banahaw just go. You will not regret it. 🙂



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