Hold up, Freeze! and Action!



Freeze action photography. It’s one of the topics we discussed in our photography class. It was very interesting for us to shoot because it is very rare to see photos with this style. At first, I thought it was going to be a lot of work but in the end, I had fun shooting this project.

I shot the images at 12pm – 1pm in the afternoon. I found the light more appealing for my shoot. I also used food coloring for the water and a black cartolina for the background. 

The first shoot I did was yellow water and green kalamansi. I wanted to have shots that had multiple objects at the bottom so that it looks unique. My mom actually helped me with this shoot. She was the one who was throwing the kalamansi in the bowl. Good thing she had a good aim at this shoot cause the water had a great impact with the kalamansi.

The next shoot I did was blue water and lemons. With this shoot, I wanted to combine the colors of yellow and blue to create green. It was kind of hard to achieve this shoot because the shots were blurry. Good thing I captured some of the green. I remember my mom being tired while doing this shoot so she was throwing the lemon harder than what I wanted, so the bowl was falling. Good thing she did it cause it made a great impact to the photo.

I had fun doing this photoshoot cause I thought it was very unique and it was a lot of effort to do. It was very challenging but in the end, it was all worth it.


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