We learned new things about taking pictures of food. It was a job that was satisfying our hunger to crave for more scrumptious desserts like macarons, cookies, and brownies. We have different experiences before we had a pictorial with our chosen desserts. It was difficult to find the right dessert because we were taught about picking the “HERO”. A Hero dessert has the perfect shape, color and texture. This is needed to create an illusion for viewers to crave for the chosen product. 

Coleen bought materials in Mall of Asia and was rushing to go back home because she wanted a specific time for the natural light. It was a stressful yet fun experience because we don’t know too much about taking pictures of food but we learned from experience. Your photo can have the characteristic that you want. Our teacher is one of our inspirations in taking pictures because she said “always bring your creative mind” and this is something our team kept in our minds and hearts. 


We all have different attitudes and somehow we are able to express them through pictures. Pauline has a very minimalistic perspective in her photos. She also prepared very early in the morning and you can see in the picture above the set-up for her pictorial of the brownies. 


  1. Choose your HERO dessert.
  2. Choose a time to have a good natural lighting. We like it more when we used natural light for our photos because we were able to present the food to look more realistic and delicious.
  3. The background of your picture is very important. Choose the right materials in your pictures that will still give emphasis to your product.
  4. Know your ANGLE.


Our team’s first time to have a pictorial of desserts was one of the most awesome and happy experience we had and we will never forget these moments. We hope you give it a try and just remember to add your own flavor to the picture.


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