Have you ever visited the “BULAKLAKAN NG MAYNILA”? It is a place where you can go to buy all kinds of flowers. We commuted to Dangwa, Manila through riding the FX in Taft, Manila then we stopped at Lacson. After this, we walked to Chowking and waited for everyone to arrive so we can begin our adventure. We met Kuya Angelo, one of the best Florists in Dangwa. We were able to see him arrange a bouquet of flowers. He was very absorbed and concentrated in his work as we watched him. He was very professional and creative when he mixed and matched the roses with other kinds of flowers.

The prices of the bouquets ranged from 200 Pesos to 2,000 Pesos. This depends on the kind of flower and design you will choose to buy. They also sell stems of roses that will cost less that 200 Pesos. It may seem that the cost is too much or just right, but either way as long as you give it to someone you love then it won’t matter.♡


We also met a fish vendor in Dangwa, Manila. He was very kind to us and laughed with our team as we took pictures of him. It was a very enchanting experience because it was our first time again to see a man selling these kinds of fishes to people. We also met a kid painting. There was so much things to see in Dangwa. It’s not just about selling and buying flowers in Dangwa, it’s also about the people you meet there.


We finished exploring and found this simple cafe called “LA TAZA”. It is located beside Dangwa, Manila. They serve the most delicious cakes, pasta, and more. If you ever get tired and just want to hang out in Dangwa then we recommend you to go to LA TAZA for refreshments and relaxation.

You can watch our video to see our adventure in Dangwa, Manila 🙂 ♡


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