My trip to Mt. Banahaw was an unexpected one because my mom just asked me if I wanted to go with her and I knew this was one of those moments that you don’t ignore. We travelled during the night and we even got lost on the way to Mt. Banahaw. We slept in a small “bahay kubo”. If you plan to visit this place with your family you should bring a tent and other necessities for your needs. You also have to bring your own food and water because it will be hard for you to buy those once you arrive there. It may seem like it’s troublesome and not worth the effort to go there but it wasn’t because all your efforts is a sacrifice for your belief and faith. It was truly an experience that will save you from your fears and will give you a lesson.


There was a saying that I heard from the people there but I don’t know if it’s true but I chose to believe it. They said that if you had a hard and tiring time walking in Mt. Banahaw then it means that you have sinned and that you are suffering for them. The people there said to be careful when you walk there and always look at the person in front of you so you won’t get lost. It was really refreshing to be there because of the breeze and the cloudy skies. There was actually a lot of people during my visit in Mt. Banahaw but somehow I enjoyed it more because they looked devoted to what they were doing.

I had to visit various station to make a wish and be blessed by the flowing water of Mt. Banahaw. You can watch our video to see how they did it 🙂 Visiting Mt. Banahaw was truly an experience I will never forget. I felt more closer to my faith and more closer to nature when I was there and if you get a chance to spend your Holy Week in Mt. Banahaw just go. You will not regret it. 🙂




Working out in Manila was very entertaining. The people there were mostly 20 years old and above. There are many places you can go to exercise and if you chose Manila to be one of those then you won’t regret it. Feeling the beat of the loud music while we did zumba with many people seemed like an awkward thing for us but it wasn’t.

We just let go of our shyness and did what the instructor showed us. We were enjoying with the people around us. The heat wasn’t so bad. If you want to go to Manila to exercise then the best time will be at 5:30 am until 8am. There are many things you could do there like play  basketball or volleyball, zumba and jogging.

Then after your workout you have many choices of restaurants around you so you don’t have to worry about your hungry stomach.

Where to exercise in Manila?


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Walled City – Intramuros

Old. Vintage. Classic – Three words, one beautiful City called Intramuros. Strolling around the walled city of Manila is like you’re doing a time travel. You’ll feel like living in that era before. We started our adventure at 9 in the morning. Our first stop was in Manila Cathedral. Just upon entering, the historical church and the fascinating interior will really make you smile. How much more if you will pray? surely, you’ll found the love that you’ve been looking for! ♡


Second stop: San Agustin Church. Did you know that San Agustin Church was the only one left intact after the World War II? Yes, it is! and it is the oldest of all churches in our home, Philippines. This Church is very in demand for wedding ceremonies. While walking through the aisle, your imaginations are starting to throw ideas about your future dream wedding. In God’s perfect time. 💏

Third stop: Memorare. The memorial is a tribute and dedicated to all the innocent victims of WWII. The female figure on the right side is a rape victim.Untitled.jpg

Fourth stop: GALERIA DE LOS PRESEDENTES DE LA REPUBLICA PILIPINA. This is where you can see the faces of our former Philippine Presidents. Who do you think did a great job and stand as a good leader in our country?

Fifth stop: Campsite of Douglas McArthur. His campsite is made of bricks and turned as a gold course now.

Sixth stop: Casa Blanca. This is our last stop because of the heavy rain. But we didn’t regret stopping by in this place because there are a lot of things you can do. There’s a souvenir shop, Travel and tours agency, restaurant, events place, musuem, and most especially, the Picasso of Manila. This is Cheska’s favorite experience in Intramuros because we got the chance to meet people who paints about the beauty of our country and all its treasure.

The ARTists:

Wandering around Intramuros wouldn’t be possible because of KUYA RAY. He is our tour guide and his humour is really contagious to the point that we’re just laughing while riding in his pedicab because he keeps on saying that we’re  “aggressive” because every time he mentions other beautiful places, our reaction would be “woooow!! punta tayo dyan!!!” then he’ll reply “wait! wait! wait!! huwag aggresive!” 😂 He’s really a silly but nice at the same time because he is helping to save our mother earth. He collects plastic bottles and sell it. He earns money + BIG help to our nature. What a nice person. =)  If you’re planning to wander and explore INTRAMUROS, just contact kuya RAY at 0908-463-3960. We are very sure that you will enjoy your journey in Intramuros because of Kuya Ray.IMG_0424.JPG

It such a delight to meet new people like them because we are learning something. Learnings that will shape us into the best person that we should be and the learnings that will be treasured in our life forever.





We learned new things about taking pictures of food. It was a job that was satisfying our hunger to crave for more scrumptious desserts like macarons, cookies, and brownies. We have different experiences before we had a pictorial with our chosen desserts. It was difficult to find the right dessert because we were taught about picking the “HERO”. A Hero dessert has the perfect shape, color and texture. This is needed to create an illusion for viewers to crave for the chosen product. 

Coleen bought materials in Mall of Asia and was rushing to go back home because she wanted a specific time for the natural light. It was a stressful yet fun experience because we don’t know too much about taking pictures of food but we learned from experience. Your photo can have the characteristic that you want. Our teacher is one of our inspirations in taking pictures because she said “always bring your creative mind” and this is something our team kept in our minds and hearts. 


We all have different attitudes and somehow we are able to express them through pictures. Pauline has a very minimalistic perspective in her photos. She also prepared very early in the morning and you can see in the picture above the set-up for her pictorial of the brownies. 


  1. Choose your HERO dessert.
  2. Choose a time to have a good natural lighting. We like it more when we used natural light for our photos because we were able to present the food to look more realistic and delicious.
  3. The background of your picture is very important. Choose the right materials in your pictures that will still give emphasis to your product.
  4. Know your ANGLE.


Our team’s first time to have a pictorial of desserts was one of the most awesome and happy experience we had and we will never forget these moments. We hope you give it a try and just remember to add your own flavor to the picture.


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Hold up, Freeze! and Action!



Freeze action photography. It’s one of the topics we discussed in our photography class. It was very interesting for us to shoot because it is very rare to see photos with this style. At first, I thought it was going to be a lot of work but in the end, I had fun shooting this project.

I shot the images at 12pm – 1pm in the afternoon. I found the light more appealing for my shoot. I also used food coloring for the water and a black cartolina for the background. 

The first shoot I did was yellow water and green kalamansi. I wanted to have shots that had multiple objects at the bottom so that it looks unique. My mom actually helped me with this shoot. She was the one who was throwing the kalamansi in the bowl. Good thing she had a good aim at this shoot cause the water had a great impact with the kalamansi.

The next shoot I did was blue water and lemons. With this shoot, I wanted to combine the colors of yellow and blue to create green. It was kind of hard to achieve this shoot because the shots were blurry. Good thing I captured some of the green. I remember my mom being tired while doing this shoot so she was throwing the lemon harder than what I wanted, so the bowl was falling. Good thing she did it cause it made a great impact to the photo.

I had fun doing this photoshoot cause I thought it was very unique and it was a lot of effort to do. It was very challenging but in the end, it was all worth it.



Have you ever visited the “BULAKLAKAN NG MAYNILA”? It is a place where you can go to buy all kinds of flowers. We commuted to Dangwa, Manila through riding the FX in Taft, Manila then we stopped at Lacson. After this, we walked to Chowking and waited for everyone to arrive so we can begin our adventure. We met Kuya Angelo, one of the best Florists in Dangwa. We were able to see him arrange a bouquet of flowers. He was very absorbed and concentrated in his work as we watched him. He was very professional and creative when he mixed and matched the roses with other kinds of flowers.

The prices of the bouquets ranged from 200 Pesos to 2,000 Pesos. This depends on the kind of flower and design you will choose to buy. They also sell stems of roses that will cost less that 200 Pesos. It may seem that the cost is too much or just right, but either way as long as you give it to someone you love then it won’t matter.♡


We also met a fish vendor in Dangwa, Manila. He was very kind to us and laughed with our team as we took pictures of him. It was a very enchanting experience because it was our first time again to see a man selling these kinds of fishes to people. We also met a kid painting. There was so much things to see in Dangwa. It’s not just about selling and buying flowers in Dangwa, it’s also about the people you meet there.


We finished exploring and found this simple cafe called “LA TAZA”. It is located beside Dangwa, Manila. They serve the most delicious cakes, pasta, and more. If you ever get tired and just want to hang out in Dangwa then we recommend you to go to LA TAZA for refreshments and relaxation.

You can watch our video to see our adventure in Dangwa, Manila 🙂 ♡